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How to use the RMA Chatroom (use pictures below for reference):

Logging on:
If you are already familiar with chat rooms, click "Show Settings" (not pictured) and make your adjustments. Then (all users)
make up a name and enter it (no password is needed unless the name is taken). If your name is already taken, the system will add a
number at the end of it. If you want to keep that name as yours, you'll need to
register it (more later on this).
When you first open the Chat room, it will look like this (below). Just close the Op Panel if
you're unfamiliar- you can experiment later.
After closing the Op Panel (like below), you'll see your user name, and anyone else in the Roots
Chat Room, in the right column.
TYPE YOUR WORDS in the text area (see below, in red), hit "enter",
and they appear, for the world to see...well, anyone in the Roots Chat Room, at least. If there are no
other users in the Roots Chat Room, only you will appear in the right hand column, as pictured
below. Try another room (click "rooms") if you like, it's a big network.
To register your user name: Using the Commands Panel (above), scroll down to "NickServ Panel" and
register your user name. You'll be asked to provide an e-mail address.

Why use a Chat Room?

You can schedule a time to meet with a friend anywhere in the world, start a chat in the Roots Chat Room,
and if needed, move to a private chat room (you'll figure it out if you got this far). Meet people with a shared
interest in Roots Music. Use it at work to send secret messages to a friend!
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